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Hello World

Welcome to the Digital Business Factory blog. In this introduction, it is important to outline the principles on which we build our production and management processes. Our core approach to product and project development is Agile, with platform/system functionality requirements shaped dynamically and implemented through constant interaction within self-organizing teams. The quality of the software and the final result is significantly influenced by the number of iterations we manage to perform on the functionality within a certain period of time. Starting with the implementation of general descriptions, «manual» processes, and conceptual sketches of functionality, we try to get a prototype of the future solution in miniature as quickly as possible. Parallel to the process of developing a working prototype, the legalization of the future solution starts. The architecture, security and resilience of the components of the future system are described and approved by the customer’s architecture committee.

Over the last few years working on large projects in various TOP companies I have encountered low productivity of development teams and declared flexible approaches, which in fact are poorly disguised waterfall. As a result, the system developed closer to release either no longer meets business requirements or differs significantly from what users need. The kettle, instead of boiling water, has a beautiful mobile app and the ability to heat it… Our main task is to have courage, bravery and will to use the methodologies and approaches described above, not to conform to bureaucratic apparatus and beautiful formalization of work…

Regards, Nikulin Nick. Digital Business Factory Product Portfolio Manager.